Facebook Ad Account gets hacked? 5 easy steps and 8 Tips to be always safe and sound.

You have just created your Facebook campaign and you are looking forward to the best results, everything is running smoothly as scheduled and you are really satisfied with your progress.

By the next day, you suddenly see unexpected changes in your campaign, ads might be deleted or the budget is consumed in one day!! Well as you might have guessed until now your account is compromised. So, some actions can be made to kick out this uninvited intruder.

Facebook Ad Account gets hacked? 5 easy steps and 8 Tips to be always safe and sound.

First thing first, you need to make sure that you have control over our account. If not, it is recommended you start by contacting the customer service to help you regain access to it and make it safe again.

But if you have access, examine your account on your own to prevent any major changes or expenses charged in your budget.

Step 1: Remove unknown user

That’s right, you can do so from your Business settings, choose the people option and you can remove any unknown user.

Step 2: Change password.

Use a strong one with many characters and numbers as it is often recommended. In this way, you will log in again with the new password to make sure no one else knows it.

Step 3: Sign out from all devices

From the security settings, you can do so to make sure that all the other persons are excluded and they cannot log in again as they don’t know your new password.

Step 4: Enable 2 factors authenticator.

It’s one of the best ways to protect your account. Every time you log into your account, you are prompted to use your phone as well. So even if someone gains access to your log in information, they wouldn’t be able to log in if they don’t have your phone number.

Step 5: Contact customer service

Inform them in more details about this incident to make sure that you have done the best for your account or even discuss the issue of any unexpected charges to guide you properly.

So, everything is back to normal but how can you be sure that this won’t happen again?

Well, here are 8 Tips to prevent this from happening.

You might have noticed Phishing scams. These are strange emails asking for personal details or personal information or even bank details, by impersonating Amazon, Google, etc, or even your card issuing bank. These are the email marketing campaigns of the uninvited intruders.

#1: This is exactly what you have guessed. Never ever share personal information or at least pay attention to what you are replying to your emails.

#2: It is important to remove any admins who don’t need access anymore, so why still have them? 

#3: Pay attention to the apps you might be downloading from time to time. If they are unknown to you simply delete them.

#4: Have an antivirus program that scans your device very often.

#5: Never save your passwords to other devices or any public devices or even all your passwords into one device, in case it is stolen.

#6: Pay attention to your emails and never click on links you don’t know or fill out any suspicious forms. Yeap, you give access to the hacker and make their life easier and yours a bit rough, so we don’t want that to happen.

#7: As a marketer, it is mandatory you put limits on your ads account.

#8: Finally, enable the security alerts and the login alerts to be one step ahead and always be aware of any changes that are made to your account.

Τhe article was written by Giannis Doukas

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