ENERGY AVENUE and ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA enter a successful strategic partnership.

ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA collaborates with ENERGY AVENUE-DEH as an external partner of the company ‘’grafima’’ in the past 4 months. ENERGY AVENUE is the e-shop of the Staff Supply Cooperative of DEH. DEH is the leading power generation and supply company in Greece involved in the generation, distribution, and sale of electricity to users.



ENERGY AVENUE is to meet the needs of employees who are far from physical stores. There are 3 brick and mortar stores available in three different cities within Greece.

Furthermore, those who for any reason cannot leave their place, or now that we are closed due to the pandemic, can easily do their shopping.

This is one of the reason why more people must comprehend this new opportunity and further take advantage of the wide variety of products offered. Now, many people of different ages, can familiarize themselves with the new option of e-shopping and greater success and financial results are expected in the Cooperative as it is continuously adapting in this fast-changing environment.

ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA embraces this partnership which enables us to promote digital marketing to a wide variety of people. This challenging experience allows us to catch the correct pulse of the brand, promote its identity to the right audience, make it more well-known and present all the benefits of the company. 

Strategic decisions, marketing campaigns, daily posts notifying its audience, content creations to catch their attention and a wide variety of actions are set together to build a fresh new brand identity. 

Not only members, but also ordinary consumers of the Association of Public Electricity Employees, embraced the new e-shop from the first moment: 

  1. To be specific, from the first 2 months, the e-shop had income, which according to our experience, a company can only achieve after 2 years of continuous advertising and promotion.
  2. Within 3 months, in addition to shopping, we managed to increase how much each consumer spends per purchase, without increasing advertising costs.
  3. Every month we realize that the long experience of ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA in creating attractive ads, the correct interpretation of the advertising indicators, as well as the correct targeting and distribution of the advertising budget, leads us to an immediate ‘’break even’’.
  4. The financial results were beyond due. We did not only achieve the company's monthly goal, but we also surpassed it by 20%.
  5. We increased the registrations in the e-shop by 40%. Note that we have registrations from ordinary users, who are not members of the cooperative and we consider this a great success. Always taking under consideration, the supply in the retail trade but also the huge competition.
  6. We spoke to the hearts of users from the first time. 1/5 of its audience was achieved in the last 2 months as the followers increase rate was doubled and the brand already become well-known by Facebook and Instagram. The followers applauded every promotion by providing quality engagement on the Facebook page without additional investment.
  7. Through quality content, we increased the followers of social pages without investing a single cent.

ENERGY AVENUE and ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA is all about delivering digital marketing success to a new audience of different ages. Merging years of experience and years of tradition to a new era of a digital environment, rebranding the company and making certain that it can constantly grow in this fast-changing situation and benefit at its most in a digital world.

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