Social Media Marketing stories you can use as an example.

Today, there are quite a few platforms from that marketers will opt for the most effective and begin writing a story of success. If you’ve been battling sales and awareness, the subsequent success stories can equip your business with successful tips for turning messages into sales.



Mercedes Benz 

Mercedes Benz appears to win each time with its social media campaigns. 
The big success started in 2013 once they created exceptional Instagram advertising campaigns. Mercedes desired to attain out to the more youthful target market so that they employed 5 pinnacle Instagram photographers to every take the wheel of a brand new Mercedes CLA. Whoever was given the maximum likes was given to hold the car – so all of them, in reality, labored at it!

As the campaign was active, Mercedes achieved the following:

  • 87,000,000 natural Instagram impressions
  • 2,000,000 Instagram likes
  • A hundred and fifty new advertising assets (stunning photos)



In February 2020, Starbucks UK partnered with Mermaids, a company to support transgender and gender-diverse youth, on the #WhatsYourName campaign.

The campaign builds on a widely known facet of the Starbucks experience—having your name written on the facet of your cup—by committing to respect the names that customers need to be called.

It’s a fairly moving (and award-winning) campaign, that invited users on social media to use the #WhatsYourName hashtag. They conjointly inspired individuals to post photos of their imaginary creature tail cookie, which raised funds for Mermaids, victimization the campaign hashtag. – it will influence people. 

Additionally, Starbucks used Instagram to push their Unicorn Frappuccino, their world same-store sales and same-store sales within the Americas increased by 3% for the second quarter.



Dove did a few studies and located that eighty percentage of ladies got here through bad chatter on social media. Dove’s intention becomes to extrude that and make social media a greater nice enjoy. As a result, Dove teamed up with Twitter and constructed a device to release the #SpeakBeautiful Effect, that breaks down which body-associated phrases humans use the maximum and while bad chatter seems in the course of the day.

According to Dove, ladies have been stimulated through their message.    

#SpeakBeautiful become used greater than 168,000 times.

Drove 800 million social media impressions of the marketing campaign

Dove shows that it understands its target audience. Knowing what existence level the target audience is, if they’re employed, what their pastimes are, their habits, interests etc., will assist while developing content material and create a customer persona. 



Success made through smart content material making plans and well timed delivery. Oreo is some other emblem this is recognized for his or her innovative social media marketing. They need to have a huge layout group to provide their content material, however it works! They are constant with their branding and control to seize onto actual time occasions. We all don't forget when the lighting fixtures went out on the Super Bowl and in the course of the 1/2 of hour blackout Oreo tweeted out.

This become retweeted over 15,000 times.  Are you wondering outdoor the field approximately your emblem? Plan beforehand for occasions developing which you are probably capable of soar on to.



What may appear to be a visible journey blog, Airbnb’s content material draws enthusiasts with their visually compelling posts. On Instagram, they put up user-generated photographs from its hosts and guests. The content material embraces their new marketing campaign of ‘don’t simply cross there, live there’ that's captured via actual photography. Each put up gets excessive engagement, among 3,000 and 14,000 Instagram likes.

This is a brilliant instance of wondering barely outdoor the field. Airbnb is all approximately accommodation. They don’t simply put up pics of the inner of human’s homes. Seeing the lifestyle and locations everywhere in the global, comes with the enjoy of wherein you live and that’s what connects with people. Make a thought about your company: are you simply posting about your service/product or provide an experience?


Dominos Pizza campaign

Dominos Pizza brought a 29% increase in profits to Foursquare.

By creating promotions that encourage customers to "subscribe", you will increase your company's social media mentions.

Facebook now has a similar function, which has also been successfully used to increase sales.


Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble, the consumer goods giant responsible for toilet paper and toothpaste, may work with TikTok sensation Charlie D'Amelio to urge people to stay at home and prevent the spread of the coronavirus in March 2020.

Since Proctor & Gamble donated Feeding America for each of the first 3 million videos, TikTok users were asked to add their own version using active tags.

In the first week alone, #DistanceDance attracted 8 billion views and gained 1.7 million repeats from celebrities, sports teams, and other celebrities.

Today, the number of page views of hashtags has reached 16 billion, and it is still growing.


Old Spice

Old Spice created a series of YouTube videos to promote its products through the campaign ‘’The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’’. These videos spread quickly, with an average of more than 23 million views. 

Their most successful video has received more than 32 million views, and this number is growing every day. These videos show different versions of the "ideal" man, and use an interesting phrase to imply that "Old Spice" "can turn your man into a romantic millionaire." Due to the humor, these videos produced many imitations, which further increased their popularity. They even reported on their originality and success in the press.


If you prefer a different approach and look at more details, it is worth reading about the following brands. Many of them are known worldwide and others only in the USA. They certainly made a difference by using the same tools through social media, that everyone has access to it.



Hello BC

If you are a fan of nature and wish to explore British Columbia’s natural beauty, then this is your story.

Across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, the company shared a message of social responsibility in the face of coronavirus, encouraging everybody to remain home and #ExploreBCLater. The campaign was a switch on their original hashtag, #ExploreBC, building on existing brand recognition.

Along with posts by trade partners, the #ExploreBCLater campaign inspired travelers to share pictures and videos from their visits across the province, providing vicarious journeys through social media and keeping these travel destinations prime of mind.

So far, the hashtag has been used over 9,500 times on Instagram, with additional posts across Twitter and Facebook too. 


Digiorno pizza

During the 2019 National Pizza Month (aka October), Digiorno provided free pizza to customers on Twitter #DeliveryDigiorno. In addition to natural participation, DiGiorno also uses advertising tweets and advertising trends to attract attention to his campaign.

They also held a contest to solicit customer opinions on which city to choose for delivery to generate interest. In total, DiGiorno delivered 1,100 (possibly still frozen) pizzas in five major cities and received 55.3 million impressions in their campaign.


Lava Art Cosmetic

After testing the conversion API for their campaign from October 22 to November 10, 2020, Lava Art Cosmetic achieved 16.5 points more subscription events in Norway.

Since LAC has a subscription-based retail model, it relies on data to attract more people through its advertising campaigns and attract repeat customers and potential customers. The Facebook Conversion API seems to be the perfect solution to the data-related LAC problem.

With custom audiences in Sweden and Norway, LAC combined the Facebook pixel with its newly implemented conversion API to target ads to people who had visited the LAC website but made no purchases.


JamaicansMusic, Music Channel

Casey Hibbard recommended Jamaican musicians on his Examinerpost social network, but there are some unique social habits worth imitating. After all, they have managed to grow their audience astronomically due to the ingenious way of working with social networks-1 million new fans in 4 months! 

When you visit the JamaicansMusic website, it immediately feels like a social enterprise. In fact, there are 3 different social locations on the homepage to engage with them.



Dental products failed to commercialize their innovative language after years of attempts. Bob Wagstaff decided to try YouTube. He made his first video for only $500. 
In less than three years, the video has been viewed more than 16 million times, with sales of more than $1.6 million, and a contract with Wal-Mart has been signed and CVS Pharmacies.



A Telecommunication company starts its own achievement. Fastweb’s Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns remind people to use in-store shopping and personal on-site services. The campaign success was that store visits increased by 20%. Fixed-line phone sales in the Fastweb store increased by 19%. Compared with external marketing channels, the marketing cost of Facebook ads has been reduced by 90%. 

Fastweb uses various campaign goals and calls to action. For example, you use a "get instructions" call to help people find a store near you. You also use "message" or "call now" to start a Messenger conversation or make a call, in order to help people connect with local businesses immediately. The success of the event prompted Fastweb to switch to Facebook and Instagram's presence strategy to increase traffic and support in-store sales. 

In order to improve the accuracy of campaign performance data, Fastweb and Simple Agency also launched Facebook Offline Conversion API (which can track the impact of online advertising and offline conversions) and Facebook Attribution (use offline-collect data about contact information). This allows Fastweb to track and measure the impact of its campaigns on in-store sales.



Joom the famous marketplace specialized in low-priced products, converted the existing 30-second commercial into four videos for mobile devices. 

Joom’s Facebook video campaign helps to increase brand awareness while maintaining a direct response to the success of the campaign during the highly competitive Black Friday. 

Brand awareness was increased by 8%, video awareness was increased by 7%. An increase in the visibility of video campaigns by 3%. Moreover, increased the retention rate of video ads by 3%.

Compared with a typical campaign, the ad retention rate is increased by 3 points and brand awareness is improved.


HEJ Natural

HEJ uses Facebook tools for ad targeting. It showed its ads to people between the ages of 18 and 54 who are interested in healthy habits, snacks, energy bars and fitness. The wide age range reflects HEJ’s goal of increasing brand awareness among people of all ages who are interested in healthy snack options. 

HEJ Natural’s advertising campaign attracted attention and ultimately increased sales. Due to the events from September 12th to 30th, 2020, when only video ads are displayed, the ad recall  improves by 19 points.

Moreover, when only video ads are displayed, the brand awareness improves by 5.8 points. If only video ads are displayed, increase viewability by 7 points. When using only video ads, additional conversions increase by 68%.



To increase online sales, the Eco-Footwear brand uses Facebook photo and video ads with various themes. Allbirds used the Facebook Conversion Growth Survey to measure the results of the campaign from April 28 to May 12, 2020. 

The results found that the purchase volume of all creatives increased by 48%, the purchase volume of creative narrative brands increased by 46%, and the advertising recall rate of all creatives increased by 18%.



In the summer of 2018, the Pancake House decided to temporarily become an International Burger House.

IHOP announced on Twitter that the temporary name was changed to "IHOb" and asked its followers to guess the meaning of the letter "b". ...? The massive participation of more than 30,000 users answered their guess. When IHOP/b finally shared the new name, its tweets received nearly 15,000 tweets.

You may have noticed that these campaigns are completely different. What makes the social media marketing campaign successful?

They’re accurate to the brand. Each of these campaigns reveals the brand status and characteristics.
They’re directed. Each campaign has a unique, pure message at its core
They’re easy to follow. Each campaign has a different hashtag or channel, which indicates the companies can measure the KPI's.
They’re different to any platform. Great campaigns have focus messages that are adjusted to each platform. 
They’re moving or emotional. Touching doesn’t ever involve too much emotion but to be memorable.
They’re authentic. Authenticity is the most important part of your campaign strategy.

When designed with a specific vision and goals in mind and implemented wisely, social media campaigns can produce encouraging results. With careful planning and collaboration, and a lot of creativity, the brands shown in these examples get the most from these campaigns.

Social media platforms give the chance to connect, engage, interact with and influence millions of people. Hope these success stories can inspire you to use social media to your advantage and create your customer loyalty record!

Τhe article was written by Giannis Doukas

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