TG Ways GIANNIKAKIS - Rebranding as a new fresh start.

As part of the expansion of the company, in a fast-changing environment especially during the pandemic period, TG WAYS has trusted ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA to define a new strategy digitally and provide consulting. 


TG Ways GIANNIKAKIS is dedicated to offering selected goods options of wooden flooring and cladding materials and one of the top companies in Greece for the specific field with many years of experience. Offers, a big variety of wooden parquet, wood and cork floors, vinyl flooring, laminate, solid parquet, waterproof floors, deck floors for exteriors, wall coverings, and decorative veneers, for commercial and house applications of high standards. Has completed many different projects across Greece such as embassies, the Greek parliament, lofts, big hotels, office buildings, restaurants, and other commercial buildings.



The main request is to promote cork flooring which is its main product, and all its benefits in the Greek market, so that people can appreciate it and select it. As a result, there is the necessity to show the ecofriendly character of the product and its company, linked together also with the element of experience and the specialization of the product in this company.



ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA has set a new Brand Strategy with a set of actions which includes changing of the logo, the consulting for the revitalization of the landing page, the stabilization of digital presence through social media channels, and the delivery of a clear message of a company that holds reliability, quality, innovation, elegance and comfort. Furthermore, promoted its main product and all its benefits, made it known to the Greek market. As a result, there were already numerous calling requests for the specific product as cork was promoted successfully to the Greek audiences. 



Within the first 2 months that this cooperation was established, statistics already look very promising for the specific approach. A set of content materials is created every week. It is fully adjustable to the fast-changing environment of social media, keeps customers up to date, enriches pages with different content and demonstrates the numerous features of the products. Additionally, its followers and possible clients that came through social media channels were doubled from the first month and were the 49% of its total visitors.


TG Ways GIANNIKAKIS and ON OFF SOCIAL MEDIA have joined their forces and their long experience in their fields, to create a strong presence in Social media as it is in the real world. We are glad that during this period when the digital presence is necessary, TG Ways GIANNIKAKIS has decided to grow with our guidance and assistance.



Τhe article was written by Giannis Doukas

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