TG WAYS Giannikakis

ONOFF social media was invited to a different project this time.

TG Ways GIANNIKAKIS is a leading company in Greece that offers many different options in flooring, upholstery and veneer. Premium products mainly for hotels, luxury homes, real estate and businesses.

The challenge here was to merge many different characteristics of the company such as many years of experience, large customer base, many options, environmentally friendly character, to promote its innovative product which is cork and to speak to different audiences about premium products. We also adapted the many years of experience of this company to a fresh, modern, luxurious look with a wonderful design.

On ONOFF social media, we implemented many different tactics through a different set of actions. We managed to offer a brand new look to the company and to speak directly to its audience with a clear idea. An additional goal was to increase her audience and become famous to a wider variety of people according to their interests.

The result was the consolidation of the digital presence on the internet as a first step, so that many potential customers get to know the products and become buyers in the future.

We did this through a wide range of actions and took advantage of many different social media channels and digital marketing tactics. 


  • We did a detailed survey to determine who the interested buyers are. 
  • We created a separate promotional content for each audience.
  • We speak directly to the audience about the company's services with attractive and socially friendly content.
  • Provided consultation for many changes to the website.

Creative and Communication

  • We created separate content for the public, with the purpose: to inform them, to inspire them, to create a sense & credibility.
  • Post planning on both Facebook and Instagram.
  • Attractive videos that create in users feelings and needs that they didn’t know they had.
  • Changing of the logo. 


  • Since the beginning of the partnership, the audience has increased by 300% with less advertising costs than what the company used to spend.
  • CPC (Cost per click) was 5 times lower to maximize the success of the campaigns.
  • Additionally, its followers and possible clients that came through social media were doubled from the first month and were the 49% of its total visitors. 
  • Increased traffic on the site.

In general, provided a fresh start on the digital presence of the company to be capable to be competitive and speak directly to its special audience. ON OFF Social Media established the digital presence of this company, provided a clear identity, adjusted to the fast changing environment and promoted its characteristics. Our next goal is to completely renew their corporate site.