ON OFF Social Media, having many years of experience in communication and the correct online promotion of many companies, cites the successful example of Revoc Cosmetics in terms of recognition. The company imports cosmetics and accessories for the whole family. Its main demand was to increase the brand awareness of the brands it resells to well-known supermarket chains and well-known department stores.

Our goal is to effectively inform consumers all over Greece, about the products of Revoc and to promote unaided awareness dealing with competition.

How we did it and what we did:

  1. We have created useful articles that provide answers to the customer's needs. We focused on the features and immediate solutions that the consumer can have from Revoc products without spending a lot of money.
  2. We have promoted Revoc and its products, in the most attractive and friendly way on online platforms, giving the chance to consumers to get to know these high quality and dynamic products.
  3. We have optimized the corporate social pages, impressing the user and capturing the potential of the company that lies behind these high quality products.
  4. With a small budget, we increased the number of Followers Facebook and Instagram Page.
  5. We have increased the requests for the products and the selling spots by 80%.