Funky Jewels

Funky Jewel is a well-known and popular store with handmade jewellery in the area of Glyfada. This year, it has expanded in the Cyclades, with a “first stop” in Tinos. The wonderful boho chic jewellery with unique suggestions for the customers made the promotion of this company by Social Media attractive and truly beloved almost all over Greece.

Through the Facebook & Instagram account we managed to survey the trends as well as the preferences of the consumers, creating successful and targeted next collections, thus greatly reducing the financial risk.

Also, through targeted campaigns and successful contests, we have increased the audience that follows the company on Facebook & Instagram.

Pleased our loyal clientele by creating festive bazaars at our store minimizing the company's stock.
We took initiatives of strategic importance, such as the special category "Funky Friday" in the eshop, funky live on Facebook & Instagram, with weekly tips and beauty solutions for our customers and the frequent blogging with fashion news, promoting the know-how of the entrepreneur and increasing the brand's reputation as well as the reliability of the products it offers. These actions have also had a positive effect on the company's organic results on Google.

Then we have further increased the dynamics of the brand through social campaigns, which promoted the company's collaborations with opinion leaders and celebrities in the best way, increasing the value of sales per customer.

The increase in connection periods is also impressive, as well as the time users stay on the online store.

Since 2017, the rate of transactions has been upward as well as the annual revenues of the company without increasing the advertising budget.