Creative Group

From 2016-2018, ON OFF Social Media successfully undertook, as an external partner of GIM, the marketing clout and promotion of the company Creative Group. Creative Group is the official representative of CND in Greece, the largest nail company in the world. So the challenge was great!

In the 2 years of our collaboration, under the umbrella of GIM, my actions have always contributed, to the obvious improvement of the company's communication and strategic marketing. Beneficial advise has been provided concerning useful online and offline actions. The company appeal to the Greek consumer, establishing a significant distinction at the Peak Performance Marketing Award of 2018, which won the 3rd place in the b2b Best Performance category on Social Media. In the same year, it was described as a success story by CND, in terms of communication and as an example to be imitated for the rest of the European countries.

Our aim was to promote the products of the CND company in the most successful way.  In particular, ON OFF Social Media used the most famous social channels to promote the variety, quality and competitive advantage of CND products.




Awareness and Sales:

Our goal was to increase the Creative Group audience and sales, something which was successfully achieved! We organized contests, cleverly rewording our customers with gifts and interactive contests.We invested in contemporarily apps, which contributed to not only the direct and successful listing of potential customers, but also, to the increase of the page followers.We kept updating their page with content that is relevant to users.We created successful campaigns using all Ad tools of Facebook and Instagram:

       Page Like Campaigns

       Post Engagement

       Website Campaigns

       Conversion Campaigns

       Dynamic Campaigns

Product recognition has increased.

Customers were motivated to increase the frequency and quantity of orders.

Through targeted campaigns company's sales quadrupled and the company itself became the market leader.

Online and offline activities (such as collaboration with influencers bloggers & magazines) were properly linked and displayed.

ON OFF Social Media urged Creative Group to make an important strategic decision by offering users free content through the corporate blog. Thus page traffic, reliability and loyalty of the customers have been increased. A blog was created in order to offer a range of tips and solutions to users every day.