Charalampopoulou & Chrisidou

ON OFF Social Media successfully undertakes the promotion of social pages that do not have an online store but a physical store, that are not addressed to all of Greece and abroad, but to their suburbs, their neighborhoods, in short, local advertising. One of our Success Stories is the Pharmacy E. Charalampopoulou & F. Chrysidou, which is located under the umbrella of the well-known Franchise chain Advance Pharmacy.

Slowly but steadily we have created an active audience that follows, monitors and interacts daily with the Pharmacy. We have effectively combined offline actions always communicating them online.

We have realized the competitive advantage of a natural local store in relation to the big pharmaceutical eshop and we have acted strategically in this direction.

We have mapped all consumer profiles investing in direct and effective communication with them. We have addressed to the whole family and each one individually through actions of added value for the consumers.

We have offered free information: to groups of patients such as diabetics, creating small events within the store that informs about the developments of the diseases as well as new treatments. On the occasion of these gatherings, relations of trust have been established with the common goal and a substantial connection with the store up to now.

We have brought the big brands one step closer to the local consumer: We have closely collaborated with big and favorite wellness beauty companies Apivita, Korres, Avene, Tecnoskin, regularly rewarding our clientele with great offers, free information, free samples and treatment by beauty editors.

We have had fun with children and parents: turning our pharmacy into a playground for our dear little friends, getting to know children and parents while communicating all the products for the children as well as the family packages.

We have used all the new tools of the Facebook platform such as live video, stories, mini informative videos with tips and solutions.

We have increased the reviews on our page by 80%.

We have managed to be followed on our Facebook page by real customers, the potential clientele that has all the specifications to become our customer soon.

The engagement of the page in proportion to the followers is such that it would be envied by big brands.

The company's monthly profits are 70% from beauty and care products but also from offers created in the store and advertised only by the Facebook platform.

The pharmacy has created its own cosmetics with its own label, which has been embraced and trusted since the first moment by almost all customers.