Akra Nail Spa

Akra Nails Spa has a motto: "Quality products, deep know-how, pleasant environment, value for money prices". In a competitive local market, such as the market of Glyfada with a great offer in the field of care and beauty, we managed to gain a large part of the pie of the local market in the few months.

We studied the competition in depth, identified the competitive advantage of the Institute and analyzed the profile of the clients we are interested in.

Then we emphasized the promotion of the quality services of the Beauty Institute through attractive posts using all the tools of Facebook & Instagram.

We increased the followers of the page by 300% through targeted campaigns.

We increased the positive reviews on the page by 80%.

We tripled the appointments through the Facebook platform.

We increased the repeatability by 90% by creating a stable customer base.

We contributed to the total increase in appointments made at Akra Nail Spa and from referral pages.

We developed new complementary services increasing the revenue per customer.