About us

Mania Nine

My name is Mania Nine and I have loved advertising since I was a little girl. Why? And why not? As David Ogilvy used to say - British Advertiser "Advertising Can Only Do Good... it can only harm you when it promotes harmful things".So I am in favor of promotion, which “listens to” the needs and concerns of society and manages to blend in with the current trends and new forms of communication. I believe that successful advertisers are the ones, that make consumers talk about the brand, that they promote, saying: «what a good product or service /I want it» and not only about their work, saying: «what a good ad campaign".

I am a Business Consultant with a lot of years of experience in Communication and Public Relations. I have worked at a well-known Agency as a Project Manager, holding major events, monitoring and reporting on established brands of the global marketplace. I edited the promotional material and several websites for large organizations, and I was the Press Manager on behalf of well-known companies. I have also worked in the publishing sector as the Head of Commercial Department and the Digital Manager of the “Special Life” magazine.

I entered the world of Digital and Social Media Marketing rather early, successfully undertaking campaigns for forums, Public Organizations, and beauty companies. Then I got involved in Franchising, communicating and promoting well-known Franchise Companies (e.g. Media Strom, Elta Courier, Advance Pharmacies, Ok Super Markets) in Greece as well as abroad. In recent years, I have been working as an external partner cooperating with well-known digital companies as well as a freelancer, taking up projects for branding communication and advertising through Social Media.

At present, I am launching strategic decisions, implementation techniques and actions that effectively communicate business to consumers and I will go on doing this through “ON OFF Social Media”.